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Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, is open to the public through Aug. Tours of the "Images of a Lifetime" exhibition are offered from noon to p.m. Ron Hubbard, is spreading its ideas and school textbooks through inner-city communities in a partnership with a Baptist minister from Compton. Alfreddie Johnson in a grass-roots campan to bring Hubbard's "Study Technology" to church and community tutoring programs in low-income areas.

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Applied Scholastics International, the Hollywood organization that promotes the teaching methods of Scientology founder L.

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And so, with Scientology drawing headlines if not general approbation on account of Tom Cruise and his obeisant fiancee, Katie Holmes, I thought it mht be illuminating to take in the Sunday brunch at Scientology's Celebrity Centre, a cast-concrete chateau in the heart of Hollywood.

HD} Der BRUTALE Alltag in Pjöngjang Doku - 2017 - YouTube
HD} Der BRUTALE Alltag in Pjöngjang Doku - 2017 - YouTube

The exhibition is sponsored by the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center International. I don't believe in god, but my faith in brunch is unshakable.En/pub/hertzbergicra11 - AG Echtzeitbildverarbeitung

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